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Growing Goddess Community


Merry Meet.

Gaia's Garden is dedicated to growing Goddess community, through a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine. The garden of ideas, and the flourishing of the spirit are the domains of Goddess, just as much as the natural world.

Gaia’s Garden is both a sacred space, for ceremonial and ritual work, and an evolving community of women who are journeying with the Goddess.

We offer devotional and self-exploratory events, including sabbat rituals, workshops and study circles, readings, and more.

Our current location in Northcote, Victoria, is available for hire by small groups and individuals. Gaia’s Garden also provides a B&B for women travelers who want a quiet space to recharge and connect with their sacred journey.

Blessed Be, and welcome.

Venue: Apartment 2C, 168 Victoria Rd, Northcote. Visit by arrangement Ph: Jenny 0408 438 194

Join us for the wonderful celebration of Spring or Beltaine on Sunday 30th October. 

1:00pm for a deep discussion  on the Mother Earth and our role in Her seasons

6:00pm Join us for a Beltaine ritual followed by dinner together.

We will be meeting in Apt 11C 168 Victoria Rd Northcote

Susun Weed at Gaia’s Garden, Melbourne 2016




Susun is a wise woman of the Goddess movement and a fiery feminist. A Sister of the Shields, a Peace Elder of the Wolf Clan, and a High Priestess of the Goddess. Her encyclopedic knowledge of herbs and health is infused with story and song and 30,000 years of women’s wisdom. She has created five books which have been translated into six languages, were chosen as the Best Health Book of the Year, and are cherished by generations of women.Ms. Weed is honoured as a “Foremother of Women’s Spirituality.” She is one of thirteen women ordained by Z Budapest.

Susun’s areas of specialty are ethnobotany, eco-herbalism, philosophy and psychology of healing, women’s health/spirituality, pharmacognosy, and folkloric herbalism. Ms. Weed teaches internationally, as well as at her home in the Catskill Mountains, where she has offered moon lodges continuously for the past thirty-five years and helped to grow the red tent movement.

This rare opportunity to experience Susun Weed’s knowledge and insight is offered at Gaia’s Garden, as follows.



Wise Woman Moon Lodge

A day devoted to women’s mysteries. We will talk about our breasts and our vaginas, our ovaries and our wombs, in health and in distress. We will sing moon lodge songs and dance moon lodge dances and pass the moon lodge scarf so we may hear the wisdom of the women’s council. There will be time for you to ask for personal help during the Talking Stick ceremony. Moon lodge ceremonies are restricted to womb-ones, women-born-women, She Who Bleeds and Does Not Die.

Fully Waged $150; Part Waged $110; Unwaged $90


Three Traditions of Healing (1 ½ – 3 hours)

Health care comes in many forms. Behind those forms are three philosophies, three ways of thinking about health. Do you want to be fixed? Are you trying to achieve balance? Have you considered a cleanse? Do you strive to accept and love yourself exactly as you are? The thoughts behind the health care – not the substance of it, whether herbal or drugs – is what will most deeply impact your health now and for the rest of your life. Susun always brings stories and songs to her teachings. Her views may shake your world, even enrage you, for she is radical in the deepest sense of the world.

Fully Waged $150; Part Waged $110; Unwaged $90

Contact:  Jennifer Cameron    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Gaia's Garden respectfully acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land, the Wurundjeri people past and present of the Kulin Nation. We also pay respect to all Aboriginal Community Elders and people, past and present who have held this land sacred and cared for it over generations.


Come, Journey with us

website mission statement:
This website is designed to provide information about the work that we are doing and connect with women who are interested in the Divine Feminine and Goddess worship. We do this by posting papers and workshop materials as they are developed, offer resources for those interested in setting up Study Circles and provide a site for exchange and discussion.